True Name: Vilandril of Thorn
Basic Information
Titles Leader of the Roughnecks [1]
Home Silverymoon
Gender Male
Race Wood Elf
Occupation Knight in Silver[1]
Age 24
Patron deity Silvanus
Known language(s) Common, Elvish
Born 1475 DR
Rules Information
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
2nd Edition Statistics
Ranger 2

Thorn is the leader of the Roughnecks (of the Knights in Silver of Silverymoon).[1] He is a Wood Elf ranger with a companion bear named Grylls and a raven named Poe. Thorn favors Leather armor and a bow.


Prior to his time with the Roughnecks, Thorn was a ranger guide for business men and merchants travelling to and from Silverymoon.[2]

In 1499 DR, Thorn was convicted of murdering a merchant outside of Silverymoon.[3] He was found innocent via trial by combat (defeating Alys).[3] He joined the Knights in Silver shortly after.


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