Taern Hornblade
Taern Hornblade
Basic Information
Aliases "Thunderspell"
Home Silverymoon
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 1206 DR
Rules Information
Evoker 18
Alignment Lawful good
Game Edition 3.5

Source: SM p.60

Taern "Thunderspells" Hornblade is the High Mage of the city of Silverymoon[1], having succeeded Alustriel when she took the office of High Lady, and member of the Council of Twelve Peers.[2] Before taking over the supreme office of the city he was the leader of the Spellguard.[3] He is described as a tall, graybearded mage who appears grave and thoughtful most of the time, and who prefers to avoid confrontations - reaching decisions through consensus and smoothing over all that can be smoothed over.[4] His nickname, "Thunderspell", comes from the deadly battle-spells for which he became known in long ago magefair duels, and more recently in defense of Silverymoon.[4] Taern works hard at building friendships with folks great and unknown, to forge alliances of people who can call on one another's aid when crises arise. He is also a longtime member of the Harpers.[4] Taern has a rat familiar called Vesk.[4]

In place of Alustriel, who has the roles of Lady Protectorate and High Lady, Hornblade sits as a Peer on the council of the Silver Marches for Silverymoon, though he follows Alustriel's wishes whenever they are expressed.

Taern is tall and gray-bearded, a powerful evoker mage and a thoughtful and cautious man. He is nicknamed Thunderspells because of a more reckless youth in which he used his mastery of some formidable battle-spells in mage-duels. He is also in love with Alustriel.


Taern's signature weapon is his namesake longsword Hornblade, which is a famous and heavily enchanted blade.[4] It has a number of magical properties that are extremely useful to Taern, as well as being a potent weapon in its own right. Firstly, the blade has a sending ability, which allows the wielder to send a message to up to five individuals at one time; this message consists of a distinctive horn-call - no other message is possible. Secondly, the sword is capable of storing up to two spells at once, rather than the usual one spell that most spell-storing items can have prepared. Taern normally has dispel evil and heal stored in Hornblade. Finally, the blade is attuned to the ward initiates of Silverymoon, and it will only function correctly in their hands; furthermore, any evil being that holds the sword will receive negative effects.[4]


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