Basic Information
Home Rasilith
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 44
Known language(s) Common
Rules Information
Alignment Neutral
2nd Edition Statistics
Warlock 4

Ruakka was the leader of the Teshj clan in Netheril, before giving it up to Browgane Trace for promising to keep the 1499 DR murder of Rakkau a secret.[1]


In 1499 DR, along with Redgar, Ruakka murdered his brother Rakkau.[1]

About a month after the murder, Browgane parted from Rakku.[2] Soon after, Ruakka took back the leadership of the barbarian tribe and set a bounty on the heads of Browgane Trace and Redgar. Not knowing they were both part of the Hunter's Guild, they were made aware of the bounty and decided to strike first. This caused Ruakka to retreat and abandon his tribe.[3]


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