Menzo Rizzen Dourden talk
Rizzen Do'Urden
Basic Information
Home Menzoberranzan
Gender Male
Race Drow
Died 1338 DR
Rules Information
Class Sorcerer
Alignment Chaotic evil

Rizzen Do'Urden was the patron of House Do'Urden until his death, in which Malice tricked him into engaging the spirit-wraith Zaknafein in a fight, when he was promptly killed. Malice claimed that it was no great loss as she had already chosen her next patron from amongst the soldiers of House Do'Urden. He was the known father of Nalfein, Dinin, and Maya Do'Urden. [1]

Rizzen became patron when the previous one, Zaknafein himself, had become an embarrassment to Malice too many times. She hoped that replacing Zak would make him reconsider his nature, but her actions only served to heighten his rebelliousness. Although Rizzen was handsome, Malice always viewed him as too dull and pliable and always lusted after Zaknafein, occasionally wondering whether it was that same lack of control over him that made him so attractive to her.


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