Malice Do'Urden
Basic Information
Home Menzoberranzan
Gender Female
Race Drow
Age Around 600 years old at her time of death
Patron deity Lolth
Died 1340 DR
Rules Information
Priestess of Lolth 15
Game Edition 2nd[1]

Malice Do'Urden was Matron Mother of House Do'Urden in Menzoberranzan until her death. She was a strong priestess of Lolth and had maintained her favour for a substantial amount of time.

History Edit

She was the mother of Drizzt, Dinin, Nalfein, Vierna, Maya and Briza. She also was forced to adopt SiNafay Hun'ett. Malice's six children were had, through three different males: the father of Briza is unknown, Zaknafein was the father of Vierna and Drizzt, and Rizzen was the father of Maya, Nalfein, and Dinin. Drizzt believed that Malice was responsible for her mother's death, however, he provides no evidence for this, and given Malice's young age at the time this occurred, makes it seem unlikely. Further reason to doubt Malice's role in her mother's death is the difficulty of the time in the House's history. When Malice's mother died, Briza, Zaknafein and Nalfein where still young, and Malice had just finished her clerical studies.

Matron Mother Malice first fell out of the favor of Lolth because of Drizzt's actions on the surface raid, temporarily regaining it after sacrificing Zaknafein, in Drizzt's place, as atonement. She again lost the favor of Lolth after Drizzt departed from Menzoberranzan altogether. Malice never regained Lolth's favor but was given a final chance by Lolth to regain it by destroying Drizzt by the use of Zin-carla, which is the highest ceremony and normally allowed only with her highest favor. She received the power for this spell by sacrificing SiNafay. She lost control of Zin-carla for a moment, which was enough time for Zaknafein to destroy himself. This caused Malice to forever lose the favor of Lolth and to be killed by Briza, in one last futile desperate attempt to regain Lolth's favor for House Do'Urden.

House Do'Urden fell by an attack from House Baenre, House Baenre had been instructed to allow Malice to ascend and ultimately onto the ruling council, but the subsequent loss of favor once more, left little option other than their destruction.[2][3][1]


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