House DeVir
Basic Information
Base of operations Menzoberranzan
Leader(s) Ginafae DeVir
Alignment Evil

House DeVir is a deceased drow house of Menzoberranzan. It fell in 1297 DR at the hand of House Do'Urden at the night of Drizzt birth. Once the house fell Alton DeVir took the place of "The Faceless one" in the Sorcere and swore revenge for his family. After a few years, Alton came to the service of House Hun'ett and came to teach Drizzt and even make a very weak attempt at killing him. It was only much later that at the jaws of Guenhwyvar that Alton the last son of Devir meet his end and so did the house as well meet its end, that was the same day that Drizzt left his home to become a exile.

Former membersEdit

Ginafae DeVir 
Matron Mother, killed by Zaknafein Do'Urden
Alton DeVir 
"The Faceless One", killed by an exploding wand
Viconia DeVir

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