Briza Do'Urden
Basic Information
Home Menzoberranzan
Gender Female
Race Drow
Age Around 400 years old at her time of death
Patron deity Lolth
Died 1340 DR
Rules Information
Priestess of Lolth 13
Alignment Chaotic evil
Game Edition 2nd

Briza Do'Urden was the eldest of the high priestesses of House Do'Urden. She was around four hundred years old, one hundred years younger than her mother, the matron mother, Malice Do'Urden. She had two younger sisters, Vierna Do'Urden, who outlived her, and Maya Do'Urden, who did not. She was very aggressive towards Drizzt Do'Urden, and along with the other two drow sisters, whipped him continuously. However, Drizzt got back at her by chopping off some of her fingers when she found him deep in the Underdark. The only reason she did not die was because Drizzt's panther Guenhwyvar leapt on him at the last moment. That was because Drizzt had previously made a vow, after killing Masoj Hun'ett and Alton DeVir not to kill another drow again. Briza's presence is required at many ceremonies in her family, including sacrifices.[1] She also took up the mantle of Matron Mother, after she killed her mother, even if it was for only a few minutes.[2]



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