Geographical information
Aliases City of Speaking Stones
Size Small city
Area Upperdark, Northdark
Societal information
Races Svirfneblin
Population 12,000 in 1372 DR
5,000[1] in 1479 DR
Alignment Neutral good
Political information
Government Monarchy
Ruler King Schnicktick in 1372 DR
Most Honored Burrow Warden Kargien Dissengulp[1] in 1479 DR

Inhabitants of Blingdenstone
Locations in Blingdenstone
Organizations in Blingdenstone

Blingdenstone was a svirfneblin city state that was founded in -690 DR by Svirfneblin fleeing the phaerimm.[2] At some point in the late 14th or early 15th century DR the deep gnomes abandoned the city. However, beginning around 1440 DR the svirfneblin began to resettle the town with support from Mithral Hall and Silverymoon.[1]


Drizzt Do'Urden spent many weeks there (in the company of Most Honored Burrow Warden Belwar Dissengulp) after surviving for ten years in the Underdark by himself. The city had iron doors at the main entrance. It was ruled by King Schnicktick.

Preceding their attack on Mithral Hall in 1358 DR[3], Menzoberranyr troops entered Blingdenstone to find it abandoned. The deep gnomes had fled the approach of the advancing drow but returned to their city sometime after the drow army had passed through.[4] Later in the year, Most Honored Burrow Warden Belwar Dissengulp led a small force of Svirfnibli in a scouting/rear attack move that aided in the defense of Keeper's Dale during the Battle of Keeper's Dale.[citation needed]

In 1371 DR, the drow destroyed Blingdenstone in retaliation, summoning dozens of bebilith demons that slaughtered around 9000 gnomes. The survivors fled to settle in the Silver Marches, though most wish to reclaim their home.[2]

Two year later, Blingdenstone was occupied by three separate groups, all desiring different things (so are able to occupy the city in relative harmony).

Drow scavengers, most of whom belong to House Duskryn excavate the cavern floor using dominated xorns to unearth spellgems placed there by the former occupants to prevent attacks from burrowing enemies.

A band of 25 svirfneblin wererats occupy the maze and entrance area of the city but cannot venture further because of the collapsed and flooded tunnels that the fleeing gnome survivors made during their flight. They ambush and kill small treasure-seeking parties that enter their realm but otherwise live peacefully and comfortably in their domain.

The final occupant has been there for years, since before the drow attack that made the city fall. It is called Ogremoch's Bane and is a cloud of sentient magical dust.[5]


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