Belwar Dissengulp
Art by Michael Collins.
Belwar Dissengulp
Basic Information
Titles Most Honorable Burrow Warden[1]
Home Mithral Hall[2]
Former home(s) Blingdenstone[1]
Gender Male[2]
Race Svirfneblin[2]
Patron deity Segojan Earthcaller[3]
Known language(s) Gnome[1]
Rules Information
Alignment Neutral good[2]
Game Edition 3rd[2]
3rd Edition Statistics
Fighter 7
Ranger 4

Belwar Dissengulp was a svirfneblin of Blingdenstone[4] and was known in the city of Blingdenstone as the "Most Honorable Burrow Warden".[1]


Belwar Dissengulp was a stout barrel-chested gnome with a deep voice.[5] After Belwar's hands were cut off, his people grafted enchanted weapons on each arm instead of hands, one being a pick-axe and the other a hammer.[6]


His enchanted "hands" were activated by an incantation followed by the command word of "Bivrip"[7] which allowed him to cast several spells, such as determining the thickness of stone or causing his weapons to buzz in order to mine.[citation needed]


Belwar was with a mining party near Menzoberranzan when a drow patrol, led by Dinin and Drizzt Do'Urden, attacked. Every svirfneblin was killed, except for Belwar, who was allowed to live and return to Blingdenstone through Drizzt's mercy, though Dinin had Belwar's hands cut off.[8]

The encounter proved humiliating to Belwar who never went on another mining expedition after the incident, blaming himself for the death of his fellow svirfneblin. His hands were replaced by a finely crafted hammer and pick axe, magically enchanted to deal more damage to his foes. He rose to great status among his peers though detested the attention.[citation needed]

Many years later, Belwar ran into Drizzt again. After living in the Underdark in exile from the drow city of Menzoberranzan for several years, Drizzt voluntarily gave himself up to the guards of Blingdenstone in hopes of finding a peaceful home. Belwar saved Drizzt from execution by revealing Drizzt had spared his life back when he had lost his hands. He provided Drizzt with lodging at his home and personally vouched for the drow's good nature.[citation needed]

He later accompanied Drizzt into the Underdark and participating in many adventures, before eventually returning home.[citation needed]

Years later, Belwar aided the dwarves of Mithral Hall in their fight against the drow by destroying several scouting parties as they pass Blingdenstone. He later convinced the citizens of Blingdenstone to head to the surface, aiding the Hall further. After the fight at the Hall, he was seen safely departing back to his home city.[9]

When Blingdenstone was attacked by Menzoberranzan, Belwar led a group of about 350 refugees to Mithral Hall.[10]


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