Alustriel Silverhand

True Name: Dlaertha[1]
Basic Information
Home Silverymoon
Gender Female
Race Human
Born 762 DR
Rules Information
Sorcerer 2
Wizard 20
Archmage 2
Alignment Chaotic good
Game Edition 3rd

Lady Alustriel Silverhand (known as Elué Dualen to the elves) was a human wizard[2] who served for many years as the ruler of the open city of Silverymoon, and later as the High Lady of the League of the Silver Marches, a confederation of various states in the areas around Silverymoon (Mithral Hall, Everlund, and Citadel Adbar, to name a few).[citation needed]

She was a powerful mage, being one of the Chosen of Mystra and one of the Seven Sisters. She was known for her love and devotion to her people, something especially unusual for many people who hold political power. Therefore, she was extremely popular in Silverymoon, and most of her subjects would do anything in their power to prevent any harm from happening to her. She was considered a wise and fair ruler, but she did not hesitate to be ruthless when needed (i.e. in diplomacy).[citation needed]

Appearance Edit

Apart from being an intelligent, wise, and charismatic leader, Alustriel was also very beautiful. She had warm and compassionate eyes and a flawless face.[3]

Relatives Edit

In addition to her siblings, the other six of the Seven Sisters, Alustriel had twelve male children, all with the surname of Aerasumé. Their names are Andelver, Boesild, Dolthauvin, Elinthalar, Ghaelryss, Inthylyn, Lilinthar Aerasumé, Methrammar[4], Naerond, Raerilarr, Tarthilmor, and Uoundeld.[5] She also is known to have had female offspring, but little is known of them.[citation needed]

Aims Edit

Alustriel always sought to create a realm that would radiate glory and culture, much like the elven kingdom of Myth Drannor. Despite her desires, she knew that sometimes another course of action would be appropriate, such as when she once denied the dark elf ranger Drizzt Do'Urden entry to the city in order to maintain good relations with nearby Nesmé.[citation needed]

Eventually, as Drizzt became more accepted in the general area (and regarded as a hero by many), he was allowed into Silverymoon by Alustriel. They became friends over the years, where she and Drizzt (along with Drizzt's companion, Guenhwyvar) repeatedly spent time alone together in Alustriel's home.[citation needed]

Notes Edit

It is possible that Alustriel is dead, given that, in the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, it states that "High Lady Alustriel's line carries on in the form of her son..."[6]


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