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Abeir-Toril (Ai-BEER-toh-RILL)[1] is the name of a prehistoric planet that existed before -31000 DR when Ao sundered the world into two worlds: Abeir and Toril. It was only recently that this truth was revealed through the Spellplague and the return of the sarrukhs, both of which revealed new lore regarding the ancient past.

The name is archaic, meaning "cradle of life"[1] though scholars are unsure which part of the name means "cradle" and which means "life." The shape of the planet was very different from either modern Abeir or modern Toril, consisting of one massive supercontinent known as Faerûn. The world was populated with a number of races. Most modern races were present, in addition to some now considered extinct such as the batrachi while other races had not yet arisen, such as humans.

The surface of Abeir-Toril was dominated by dragons, giantkin, and the mysterious creator races. It was during this time that many of the battles between the gods and the primordials were waged and it was these wars which eventually led to the "changing of stars," the event in which Abeir and Toril were separated from one another. During a devastating war with the titans under Annam the batrachi summoned seven primordials from their imprisonment, leading to the near destruction of the planet. In order to save Abeir-Toril from the wrath of Asgoroth the World Shaper-a primordial-who sought to destroy the world she could not own, Ao sundered the world in two, granting the primordials control over Abeir, while retaining sovereignty over Toril for the gods.


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